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Steve says

My girlfriend told me today that I’m a good fuck, but in two years I’ve never given her an orgasm. Her boss has been talking dirty to her and says he can. I’m worried that I’ll lose her.

I say 

Firstly, I think you need to find out why her boss is talking dirty to her, remember it takes two to make a conversation. Secondly, ask yourself why she told you about it. Does she want to make your relationship work or end it?  Assuming it’s you she wants, there are much better ways than mere penetration to produce an orgasm.  Oral sex provides a lot of pleasure for women. It is probably one of the best ways to hunt the clitoris.  Good luck. 

Halina & Monica


Halina says 

My friend Monica says that sex once with five men is better than sex five times with one man. I am good girl and do not agree. What do you think?

I say 

It depends on frequency.

Sex five times a night with one man is better than sex once with five different men on one night

Sex once with five men in a month probably means you’ll get better sex than you will from a five-times-a-month man. 

Just avoid weekly sex with a weak man. 



Lettie says

My husband has started to watch porn. He’s always been a gentle and considerate lover, but now he’s hurting me and wants me to get into odd positions.

I say 

Try watching with him to see what he's watching.  Maybe you can agree some compromise, a bit of role play perhaps.  It's important he knows what you're prepared to do and what you're not.  A safe word might help when you've reached your limit.  Talk to him and explain how you feel. Tell him he’s hurting and upsetting you, maybe he thinks you’re bored with him and is trying to up his game. Maybe he is angry about something else. Ask him. 



Bernie says

My wife has always called me her gentle love and I’ve never thought twice about it. But when she was in the last two months of pregnancy she told me to go watch porn if I was feeling frustrated. The blokes are so much bigger and harder, and lift their women easily, and I realised what she might be missing. Then when my son was born in front of my eyes, almost ten pounds, I realised how filling as well as fulfilling that must have been for her. Now I don’t see how she can be satisfied with me or by me ever again.

I say 

Trust me when I say, childbirth and often the end stages of pregnancy aren’t enjoyable for many women.  The good news is that everything that's stretched will shrink back to normal size (usually) so your sex life should resume as normal, allowing for hormones and baby blues. Now you’re parents you'll find your love life changes as the needs of the baby come first.  Don't lose heart, it happens to all couples when children come along. 



Claudette says 

I tried to get my man interested 

in five-a-day but 

He ate his strawberries in Jam. 

Cracked open a Terry’s orange.

Drank his grapes as supermarket red.

Poured his tomatoes as sauce over a hotdog. 

And had his limes in the jelly in a trifle.

I need him to lose weight.

What can I do?

I say

Forget the diet. 

Concentrate on exercise. 

Take him to bed and offer him five positions a day. 

He’ll find a way to get fitter.



Honeybun says

I want a multiple orgasm that I don’t have a hand in – what should I be looking for in a man – and where?

I say 

I think you need to be looking for the bionic man or at the very least one that takes batteries! Come on love, you should count yourself lucky to get one orgasm out of a man before he falls asleep or fucks off, so either put up and shut up or carry on sorting yourself out. 


Personally, if I could facilitate a multiple orgasm by my own hand, I'd probably give up men altogether if I didn't need the money. 

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