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My Campaign for Respect

Show It

Respect is the acceptance of the basic worth of being human. If we believe others inferior as a group we can never show it, although we may try to fake it. 

Earn It

We know when we don't deserve respect, and it's usually because we aren't showing it. We don't need to be told or labelled. Self-respect can be the hardest to earn. 

Expect It

If we expect to be treated with respect, it will show and we will be treated with respect, just as long as we don't expect deference, or believe we are superior.

Please help me Campaign for Respect

Find a Tattoo Studio

If you do, ask if they will display (and  sell) posters bags and t-shirts. Or ask people to sign up for FUN the free weekly newsletter when they get a customer who wants to campaign with me. 

Circulate the Poster

Use Social Media to display the poster and direct people to for the chance to buy it - ask them to circulate the image with the same information

Buy and display the poster 

Mug the Work Canteen and Entertain at Home

Buy some mugs to use or sell in your work refreshment area or at home. They'll help make Respect a talking point and  increase it. 

 If you do any kind of commission based selling, a Sindy themed event could help the business.  You could raise money for charity too.  Or just serve wine in them 

Take Selfies and get free Merchandise

Take selfies wearing T shirts, by the poster, carrying a bag or wearing a T-shirt. Buy the merchandise first . Then send us a message with a copy  of the selfie, name the social media and provide documentation of the number of people who opened it or just the number who it was sent to and we'll reward you with credit and if you wish refund part or all your purchase costs and ven pay you aa bit extra

Carry the Message Around

Buy bags for family and friends to use regularly to spread the word. Or encourage them to do so by circulating the picture on social media with a link to 

Wear & Promote a T-shirt (Men's & Women's)

T-shirts are available in black/dark grey or white printed in red in a range of sizes . They can be machine washed but not spun dried and the message can't be ironed. If you sell them,Real Life Press can offer commission. 

Here is the Merchandise

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Sindy’s RESPECT Campaign

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Sindy’s RESPECT Campaign


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How My Understanding of RESPECT developed

Writing my story, I began to think about self-respect, especially my lack of it, and about how little respect there was in my life. I realised that when I felt respected and when I respected others, I was happier. When that didn’t happen and I didn’t think had the power to change things, anger and hatred grew inside me.  

Consensual recreational sex

Consensual recreational sex brought respect to me and from me. Sometimes it was gentle and rhythmic, at others, an animalistic, enjoyable, a mutual battle for ascendancy and climax. When we clicked, we looked into each other’s eyes and saw respect. Charging for it hasn’t made any difference when it happens like that.  

Respect when Sex is Bought and Sold


When you are charging and someone is paying, respect doesn’t feature often, but it can. Men come, not for recreation but for revenge, and a lot of them because they can’t come at all, not even sustain an erection. They don’t come showing respect or trying to earn it, at heart they don’t expect it. Mostly they hide their feelings behind anger, control and violence. Some have built-up hatreds to unleash, against their mothers, wives or other women they want to get out of their systems. Others just aren’t built to be, or haven’t kept in shape to be, physically satisfying. Others feel the need to be ‘in love’ with you, while virtually torturing you, and expect love, often exclusive love, in return.When sex ruled by the head gets out of hand it’s difficult to find respect. But clients are often wrestling with their demons, trying to control their hateful urges, wishing they could perform well and naturally and frustrated when they can’t. Sexual surrogates offer a service which incorporates sex acts. Many escorts take on this role and respect their clients for trusting them and letting them help. Many clients come to accept that they need a sort of therapy and develop an affectionate respect for their escorts. 

Respect in the Workplace


In my day job as a trained legal executive and caseload manager in a no-win, no-fee compensation business, respect was even harder to find. The whole system militates against it. Those looking for compensation need to find a no-win, no-fee law firm to take them on. If the case is simple and the level of compensation is set then all kinds of dodgy cases are taken on because a profit can be made and they rarely go to court. When the consequences of the accident or malpractice are substantial, public services and big business dig their heels in and pour money into the battle, demanding proof and denying consequences, calling tame expert witnesses. Claimants and their lawyers often back down or it becomes impossible to find a lawyer willing to take a financial risk. It's all about insurance company profits and premiums and anything goes. Every day is a battle to demean the opposition. Justice, truth and respect disappear.