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Calling All Escorts

If you are living a double life as an escort with a day job or bringing up a family send an outline of your life, or if you can write about yourself  or someone who is in the life, submit a manuscript. 

Prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world, but it is practiced in many different ways and sheds light 

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Lifechanging Moments

There are some scenes from our past lives that we can never forget,the pivotal moments when we changed.

The LIFECHANGE Writing Challenge wants accounts in 750-1250 words that bring them to life. Ten stories a week are chosen for the FUN newsletter. 

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My Mission

I want people to learn from my experiences as a no-win, no-fee paralegal  and as an escort, to support my kids.

I want people trapped in jobs in which they are dehumanised or forced to offer poor service and yearn to be a whistleblower, to bring issues into the open anonymously.

I want to see relationships of warmth and mutual respect between the women who offer their bodies and their clients develop to the exclusion of all others

Sindy's Column

 Are you frustrated by the way you are forced to work, but need to keep your head down? Write to me. You will remain anonymous but I will put the details in my column and comment. You may be taking the fiststeps to putting things right. 

If you are experiencing problems as an escort or client  and are seeking advice write to me. If I have covered the subject previously I may refer you to an archive column. Otherwise I will put the essence in my column and reply. 

I would love to hear from you. Email me at 


Most of this page will feature quotes by me, Sindy, taken from Sindy in Real Life to give you the flavour of the book.

Whenever there is a book or an article  that is brought to my attention that I think should be read, then I'll provide a quote and the details.

Some will be about work situations, others about prostitution.


I will be campaigning for better relationships  and practices between escorts and clients - based on respect.

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I will be campaigning for reform of the no-win, no-fee system for seeking compensation in England.

You can suggest a campaign to improve things in a work sector that you understand