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Hi I'm Sindy & This is My Real Life

My Confesion


This is an honest account of the first five decades of my life. I am the sole parent of three children by three different dads, two who knew how to fuck and who I wanted to fuck off when they’d impregnated me, and another who actually wanted a child and has hung around but is more of a nuisance than a help. My children share my surname but not all my secrets. I plan to tell each of them only when they are old enough to understand and that is why I wish to remain anonymous. 

I financed the upbringing of my children by working as a paralegal and then qualified legal executive in the soul-destroying sweatshop of no win – no fee lawyering for as long as it paid enough and when it didn’t I added to my income by working at a second job as a prostitute via an escort website. The money also kept me adequately supplied with red wine. 


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Here are the headlines for each review 

An edgy, eye-opening biography with lots of spice and sass and humanity 

I enjoyed the author's narrative 'voice' - so much personality and energy

I was intrigued - such raw honesty and authenticity - and I loved the ending.

You won't stop reading until you've finished! 

An interesting tale that covers the gamut of emotions. 

Emotional complexity and depth, all characters fresh and unique. A great story. No cliche figures. 

I did enjoy the story. I adored the author's unique narrative style - so witty and real and rude.

It's the true story of the first five decades of Sindy's life in her ownswear words.

Join my Campaign to get men to understand Respect

What is it about men that they can never focus on the concept of respect? What can we do?

I tried first by introducing an intriguing slogan 


Show it Earn it Expect it 

but they didn’t notice it, let alone start to discuss it


it depends on whether he’s a leg or a breast man

There’s a T-shirt for the breast fixated or tattoos on thighs

There are also mugs, with the t-shirt logo on one side and the tattooed legs on the other, to satisfy those who stare at both, that could be made available for tea or coffee breaks …

and a bag with the T-shirt design to hang near the booze. 

There’s even a T-shirt for him to wear 

when he says he understands the issues

Take a look at the CAMPAIGN page and then SHOP 

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You ask the questions and I'll tell it like it is. If it doesn't affect you, enjoy the rhetoric 


But don't be afraid to kick back. Sindy Column is my Facebook name and you can join the debate there. 


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